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2 years ago

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This is the true story of my girlfriend and I on the first night of our holiday in Turkey this year. When we checked in the "Olive Garden" we were told that for one night, we could only stay at the hotel next door, because it was completely filled, either by us, then follows an apartment, which just dropped the bags and went directly to the restaurant / bar back to the Olive Garden. A meal and a few glasses of wine later, we entered the apartment. Feeling hot drink that stripped and pushed me back to my girlfriend in bed and started licking her shaved pussy nice and wet when I took a while before saying "lets go out " we opened the door were on the first floor and went to the balcony from the stairs to the street, Mia leaned over the railing and soaking her pussy licked before getting fucked in the back and as human beings, the way he went, Mia went and knelt down and licked and sucked hard cockThen I took her hand said, " Come on down. xxnl " We walked down the stairs naked in the pool area and play with each other kissing, caressing bubbles, and enjoy the thrill out of sight and maybe get caught, only 11 from 30 of the clock from hoiday standards. We went into the apartment and one of the balconies in the main street and began again, fuck, we are very fresh, as if we were illuminated by lights from cars as they left the street. He said : "Wave on the car ahead. " Mia continued fucking and xxnl greeted several cars and taxis, along the way. I eventualy spunk in her wet pussy xxnl hard and went to sleep in our bed, which was just off the patio door open. xxnl We woke in the morning in bed starkers with a beautiful view of the apartments from the street and some people at breakfast on the terrace. It seemed a shame to waste an audience interested, so we played together and hadx with the windows open and in view of the road and breakfasters. Time does not see or know, but the idea of ​​us again. We had to move rooms that day, and the new room was xxnl a real disappointment to open and close like a lot, and damn worried, but Mia did not like using it completely see through bikini thong while sunbathing and "other things". If you use our history as we can tell you what happens to the rest xxnl of the holidays, including oral sex on the bus to the airport!.

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